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Die wichtigsten Bedienungselemente von TETRA sollten bekannt sein.


Im Verzeichnis




befindet sich das Projekt für den TETRA-Interpreters. Alle Aktionen sind aus den Produktionen entfernt.



Der Parser für den Interpreter basiert auf einer Grammatik die zu finden ist unter:





* PUBLIC DOMAIN PCCTS-BASED C++ GRAMMAR (cplusplus.g, stat.g, expr.g)


* Authors: Sumana Srinivasan, NeXT Inc.;            sumana_srinivasan@next.com

*          Terence Parr, Parr Research Corporation; parrt@parr-research.com

*          Russell Quong, Purdue University;        quong@ecn.purdue.edu






* This file is a part of the ANTLR-based C++ grammar and is free

* software.  We do not reserve any LEGAL rights to its use or

* distribution, but you may NOT claim ownership or authorship of this

* grammar or support code.  An individual or company may otherwise do

* whatever they wish with the grammar distributed herewith including the

* incorporation of the grammar or the output generated by ANTLR into

* commerical software.  You may redistribute in source or binary form

* without payment of royalties to us as long as this header remains

* in all source distributions.


* We encourage users to develop parsers/tools using this grammar.

* In return, we ask that credit is given to us for developing this

* grammar.  By "credit", we mean that if you incorporate our grammar or

* the generated code into one of your programs (commercial product,

* research project, or otherwise) that you acknowledge this fact in the

* documentation, research report, etc....  In addition, you should say nice

* things about us at every opportunity.


* As long as these guidelines are kept, we expect to continue enhancing

* this grammar.  Feel free to send us enhancements, fixes, bug reports,

* suggestions, or general words of encouragement at parrt@parr-research.com.


* NeXT Computer Inc.

* 900 Chesapeake Dr.

* Redwood City, CA 94555

* 12/02/1994


* Restructured for public consumption by Terence Parr late February, 1995.


* DISCLAIMER: we make no guarantees that this grammar works, makes sense,

*             or can be used to do anything useful.




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